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    To empower healthcare systems and organizations through innovation and collaboration,
    ultimately enhancing the lives of people globally.

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About Elixir

Our mission :

To empower healthcare systems and organizations through innovation and collaboration, ultimately enhancing the lives of people globally.

Elixir Strategic Healthcare Consultants work with healthcare organizations, governments, and individual healthcare practices to improve their performance through a range of services covering innovations in survey and data collection technology, health system analysis and evaluation, health policy and planning, as well as change and project management in the health systems.

Our consultants offer a comprehensive array of skills in health systems performance improvement, including healthcare management, change management, health economics, clinical and management models, health care policy, clinical medicine, healthcare systems, public health, global health, and finance. These skills are informed by more than a decade of experience in developing and developed countries, spanning multiple health systems and settings.

As a group, we believe in the following core values

Why Elixir Health?

As a consultancy group, our primary focus is enabling your organization to achieve high performance in your geographic setting while providing the support and guidance required to achieve your goals. We are a specialized and innovative consultancy firm that provides novel solutions for various problems and concerns.

While our competitors might be larger and have a reputation with certain firms, we offer considerable cost containment and truly responsive customer service. We are willing to offer more affordable terms because we believe in the value of health systems improvement, which has the potential to save lives and uplift whole communities. We aim to engage your organisation over the long-term, being partners in a continuous process of improvement. This is because we believe that improvement is an unending process.

Our Services

Our mission is to work collaboratively to improve health care systems and services across the world. We at Elixir want to formulate the best strategy to achieve better outcomes for your patients and organisation. We believe that in order to do this, we have to understand your organisation first. The services listed below is a partial list of what we currently offer. However, we believe that each organisation is unique and may need a bespoke, unique set of solutions adapted to their context. Additionally, these services may even entail the development of technology and software tailored to your needs.

Patient Experience Survey and Data Collection: Providing a uniquely designed survey that captures patient experiences in a health service, clinic or organisation. Survey data are then transformed through sophisticated visualisation techniques and analyses that allow for intuitive interpretation of the Patient Experience. This will allow Elixir Health to formulate the best recommendations to enhance your services. Elixir Health will also provide secure, GDPR-compliant storage for your data, for your ease of mind and for the security of your patients.

Change management and leadership: For organisations facing difficult transitions in response to internal and external forces, we offer a top-to-bottom assessment of change readiness. Through a process that includes consultation of all relevant stakeholders and leaves no stone unturned, we will ensure that your organisation is ready to make the shift. Once these changes are in place, Elixir Health is also able to shepherd the process until completion of the change, continuing onwards to the next phase of the organisation’s life.

Evidence-based healthcare policy and research: Elixir Health has intensive experience in the conduct of systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses, especially for medical, public health and health policy research. Moreover, we also perform policy analysis, examining the impact of potential shifts in policy as reported in literature, and as determined by validated tools and instruments utilised by public health experts. These rigorous methods are important in the generation of information that is reliable for health policy determination in your organisation.

Health Systems Analysis: We believe that for a health organisation to truly understand how it should change for the future, it must first understand its past and present. Elixir Health has a wide array of tools at its disposal for the performance of health systems analysis, covering the human resources aspect, the policy aspect, the healthcare aspect, and the organisational aspect of the health system. We are also able to develop software that would track these different elements in your organisation.

Value-based care and project management: Elixir Health can provide organizations and government agencies with new payment-based models that balance costs and incentivize providers. Our consultants are specialized in cutting organizational costs but ensuring the quality of care is maintained through the implementation of LEAN-Six Sigma techniques. Along with transforming services to become leaner, we also specialize in policy planning and implementation of most healthcare projects


(1) Contact us : to arrange an initial consultation

(2) Consultation : One of our senior executives will join you to discuss about the specific needs and issues you are facing.

(3) Diagnostic Assessment : We will offer a complimentary diagnostic assessment that will require us to observe processes, behaviours, data and management structure. After we evaluate the situation, we will then develop a clear action plan and a final fee to engage us.

(4) Engagement : Based on the action plan we will give an estimated time frame of the action plan to take forward and collaborate with your staff in ensuring these plans are followed through.

(5) Sustainability : As part of our customer service orientation we will conduct audits quarterly (3-4 months) for a two-year period to ensure these action plans are working. After the 2 years, we are committed to yearly audits to ensure you are satisfied with the outcomes laid out in the action plan.

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