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    To improve healthcare systems and services across the world
    and achieve the best results for a population.

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    Elixir Strategic Healthcare Consultants
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About Elixir

Our mission :

To improve healthcare systems and services across the world and achieve the best results for a population.

Elixir Strategic Healthcare Consultants is a consultancy firm that provides an evaluation service for healthcare systems, governmental programs, individual practices, and hospitals. The firm also provides clinical management consulting, and value-based care options. Elixir Strategic Healthcare Consultant ultimate goal is to improve healthcare services across the world.

We are comprised of consultants with distinctive knowledge in healthcare economics, management, clinical models, psychology, healthcare systems, public health, finance and medicine to help clients achieve a comprehensive approach to their system. Based on the provided evaluation, we come up with innovative solutions that best match our client’s needs.

As a group, we believe in the following core values

Why Elixir Health?

As a consultancy group, our primary focus is customer service and efficiency. This means that we ensure our services that we provide are followed up on a consistent basis and queries are responded to within 24 hours. Furthermore, we are a specialized consultancy that focuses on evaluating healthcare systems and programs making us unique in comparison to many others. We believe evaluation is the future of healthcare as it is a crucial service that is limited in the present.

Have you ever wondered why many policies are implemented in a system or organization but never evaluated to see whether it was an effective process or practice? This is what our passion is all about, providing innovative ways in evaluating your systems and services to create better care for your population or community.

Our Services

Evaluation of healthcare systems and programs assessing the merit, significance and worth of policies/programs/overall system. These assessments are created by tools formed specifically by our consultants.

Clinical management consulting creating solutions to organization to improve their performance through various analysis of organizational problems and management practices.

Value-based care providing organizations and government agencies new payment based models that balance costs and incentivize providers. Additionally, our consultants are specialized in cutting organizational costs but ensuring patient quality care remains the utmost importance.


(1) Contact us : to arrange an initial consultation

(2) Consultation : One of our senior executives will join you to discuss about the specific needs and issues you are facing.

(3) Diagnostic Assessment : We will offer a complimentary diagnostic assessment that will require us to observe processes, behaviours, data and management structure. After we evaluate the situation, we will then develop a clear action plan and a final fee to engage us.

(4) Engagement : Based on the action plan we will give an estimated time frame of the action plan to take forward and collaborate with your staff in ensuring these plans are followed through.

(5) Sustainability : As part of our customer service orientation we will conduct audits quarterly (3-4 months) for a two-year period to ensure these action plans are working. After the 2 years, we are committed to yearly audits to ensure you are satisfied with the outcomes laid out in the action plan.

Contacts Us

Elixir Strategic Healthcare

80 Nashdene Road
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
P: (416) 830-5713